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Ashley Wainscott

Ashley started her regular yoga practice after having her 3rd baby. Growing up as a dancer, it was a chance to lean into some balance and flexibility that may have still been lingering around. She immediately fell in love with the Hatha yoga practice for its challenge, physically and mentally. Sooner than later, she found herself coming back for more as often as she could. After working in the corporate world for 20 years, she started to find her balance and her need for self-care through yoga. Ashley continued to notice that there was something special at communit yoga studios, something different, a loving, caring community, not just yoga. Once those worlds started to collide more and more, she started to question her priorities, and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. She had come to find out it was the best decision she ever made. The training transformed her, by defining her true calling in life, and eventually gave her the courage to put herself, and her family first.


She left her job in the fashion industry of 20 years in February 2018, while in another Yoga Teacher Training. In May Ashley added Barré training to the mix along with a total of 400+ hours of teacher trainings in about 9 months. Ashley continues to work in the fashion industry but has been dedicated to continuing to be a student and a teacher of yoga as well. Ashley loves and is invested in this community. She raises 3 children, a dog, and a lizard with her husband Josh in Des Moines.